It is difficult to apply a flat-rate price to all translations because each document for translation is considered individually, especially with regard to whether the translation is unofficial or official, the focus and terminology of the text, the scope of text, and the delivery term.

This is why we provide individual price quotations.

The standard unit for translation prices is one standard page of translated text typed either by typewriter or word processing program; a standard page is 30 lines with 60 characters per line including spaces or 1,800 characters in one page of text. All incomplete pages, including the final page of a document, and all documents constituting less than one page text shall be considered as one entire page.

Delivery deadlines

up to 14.400 characters, i.e. 8 standard pages:

  • standard deadline: 3 working days,
  • fast deadline: 2 working days,
  • express deadline: within 24 hours,

Deadlines may vary depending on length of the text; they will be adjusted accordingly.

No extra fee will be charged for specialized text.

Get a quotation:

Please send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • type of translation you are interested in (unofficial, official)
  • target language of a translation
  • required delivery time
  • a scan of the document intended for a translation, or, you can just bring it by our office